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請填妥下列表格,直接按鍵送出 ,並按指示入賬港幣100圓入會費。本會將於日內與閣下聯絡 並寄上會員證。

    Please complete this Form and click the "Submit" button, and then follow the    instructions to bank in the entrance fee HK$100 .   We will

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   姓       名       Name       (英文)            (中文)       
   電郵地址     E-mail Add            香港身份證號碼  HK ID No.         性別Sex :男 M  女 F
   聯絡電話     Telephone       (住宅 Home)                      (手機 Mobile)   
郵寄地址   Mailing Address    

  住地址    Home Address  


                  曾在 from Years   to  (年份) ,任職於 worked in the   

                      ( 若多於一個,請選最後的部門  or the last Dept you served )

                            申請會籍  Membership Applied :  

              本會備有通訊冊供內部傳閱。請選擇你願意存放在通訊冊的個人資料 :-

          The Association maintains a Members Directory for internal circulation. Please indicate the personal data you would like to include. 

          可包括 May include :     電郵地址 e-mail address      聯絡電話 telephone nos     郵寄地址 mailing address        宅地址 home address     
     ( 可選擇多項  Can choose more than one )



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