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We will upload information of members here with their consent. You are welcome to provide us with a few paragraphs through email, so that people can keep track of your latest position.


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Kenny Tso is a City Farmer  城市農夫曹渭仁


After retirement, Kenny was very busy studying a number of courses about wines, and got a number of certificates. After graduation, he becomes one of the lecturers of those courses. To lead an even fuller life, he rented a piece of land in Yuenlong and started his Organic Farm many months ago, all from scratch.

See what he said recently in his email to us.


" ...... I have posted a video of my organic farm on Facebook. In the next few days, I am going to have my first ever harvest of sweet corns...... I picked up  one last night, it is so tender and sweet. It is smaller in size than those seen in markets, which are older...."

And your plan ?


" ........  I am going to renovate the building inside the farm, and there will be decent rest rooms with showers  .....     "


Well, it is interesting !

The sweet corns are half the price of Organic Corns in supermarkets.


There are other products...... lovely and beautiful !



Publication by Eva Wan


It is a nice idea to get involved and remain active after retirement. Some of us will give lectures, talks, or write something, and our President Tony is a good example.

Eva Wan has written a book on Chinese Drama and published in early 2013. 

ROA has contacted her and get a discount for our members who might be interested in this publication.


All members and their friends may purchase @$48.- (20% off and no extra cost for mailing) by

(1) depositing the said sum (ie $48.-) into Bank of China;

A/C name "EVA WAN & ASSOCIATE LIMITED" & "A/C No. 012-926-00059990"; and

(2) advise the writer by e-mail ( with full mailing address.

The book will be sent within 1 week.


(3) c.o.d. Eva Wan 9438 7447




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