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Honorary Presidents





                  Mr   Jim Buckle          OBE

                   卜國豪     先生      


Mr Jim Buckle  served for 25 years in the United Kingdom Police  Service. He joined  ICAC in 1975 and rose through its ranks to become  Deputy Commissioner and Head of Operations in 1992 where he served until 1996.  He was awarded the OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) in 1996 in recognition of his distinguished service in ICAC. During his ICAC service  he was personally involved in arranging  staff welfare and recreational activities.  Following his retirement he  provided  strong support to the  UK ICAC  Retired Officers Association and he is presently its Chairman. In recent times he has taken a keen interest in the Hong Kong ICAC Retired Officers Association, offering advice and support. 


卜國豪先生曾於英國警界服務25年。他於1975年加入廉政公署,並於1992年晉升至副專員兼執行處 首長,直至1996年榮休。卜先生於1996年獲頒授大英帝國勳銜以彰顯其於廉署的卓越服務。在廉署任職期間,他經常親自參與安排有關職員福利及文娛康樂活動。退休之後,他亦積極支持英國廉署退休人員協會的工作並為該會現屆主席。一向以來,他都十分關注香港廉署退休人員協會的會務,時加提點與鼓勵。                                                           


Message to the ROA




I am honoured to be a President of the Hong Kong ICAC Retired Officers Association and humbled by the fact that its membership regards me as being worthy of such an honour. I spent a large slice of my life working within ICAC and I have many happy memories: some work events were difficult to deal with but throughout I was always confident that the work ethic, loyalty and trust of ICAC staff members would hold strong. Hong Kong is an exciting and joyous place to live and it will always have a special place in my heart. I am completely confident that the now retired members will enshrine all the qualities I so admire into making this association a success and a beacon of admiration to the public at large, thereby reflecting credit on our past employer.








我深信這群退下火線的同事,能秉承一貫我所欣賞的特質,轉化成另一種力量,貢獻本會,並作為 退休會的楷模,繼續光耀其故主。






         Mr Kwok Man-wai ,  Tony           SBS.    IDS.   

                郭文緯      先生      



Mr. Kwok joined the ICAC in 1975, and was appointed as the first local Deputy Commissioner and Head of Operations in 1996. Since his retirement in 2002, he has been invited to 25 countries and 13 provinces in China to provide professional anti corruption consultancy and lectures. He is also the Adjunct Professor of HK University SPACE and Hon Course Director of the International Postgraduate Certificate Course in Corruption Studies. Mr. KWOK was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal (IDS) in 1998 and the Silver Bauhinia Star (SBS) in 2002, in recognition of his contribution to the success of ICAC in the fight against corruption in Hong Kong.


郭先生於 1975 年加入廉署,並於 1996 年成為首位華人副廉政專員兼執行處首長。在 2002 年退休後,郭先生曾先後應邀到 25 個國家及內地 13 個省提供顧問服務及授課。  他是香港大學校外進修課程聯繫教授及國際反貪污證書課程的名譽課程主管。  郭先生於 1998 年獲頒授卓越服務獎章及於 2002 年獲頒授銀紫荊星章,  以彰顯其對廉署肅貪倡廉的貢獻。


Message to the ROA





It is indeed my great honour to be appointed as one of the first Hon President of the Hong Kong ICAC Retired Officers Association.  Being the first generation of ICAC officers, we all take pride in devoting our working life in achieving what was regarded as “Mission Impossible” in the 1970s, in successfully turning Hong Kong from one of the most corrupt place on earth, to become one of the cleanest in the modern world. Most of us have now retired and I am very impressed with the same group of officers taking up this important mission of establishing a retired officers association, not only for the welfare of our fellow colleagues, but also in participating in charity work for the society. I wish to thank Lady Cater and Jim Buckle for their unreserved support from abroad, and all the past chairpersons of this Association for their foundation work, and wish the new Executive Committee led by Ricky Hui every success. I urge all our retired colleagues to join and support this Association, so that it can be very well established and be able to serve all future retired colleagues of this great Commission. 



作為香港廉政公署退休人員協會的名譽會長,我深感榮幸。我們這班第一代的廉政先鋒,曾全身投入於70年代大眾認為是『絕不可能』的工作 ,成功把香港從一個世上最貪污的地方,轉變成最廉潔的現代化大都會,並以此為榮。現在我們大部分都已退休,但我深為感動者,是昔日同袍仍本著服務同事這項重要的使命,成立退休人員協會,夙夜匪懈,除為各退休同事的福祉而努力之外,並參與慈善工作,惠及社會。本人在此謹向姬達爵士夫人及卜國豪先生致意,多謝他們遠在海外對本會的無比支持,及歷屆主席所建立的基礎。我謹祝由許家民先生領導下的執行委員會一切成功。我很希望所有退休同事加入並支持本會,務使其能更為茁壯,可為這偉大的機構將來的退休同事而服務。



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