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Organization Structure





Annual General Meeting (AGM)


The AGM is the supreme level of decision in the Association. Business to be transacted at the AGM include:-

i       to read and approve the minutes of the last AGM;

ii      to approve the Chairman’s Report;

iii     to approve the Statement of Accounts;

iv     to appoint an Honorary Auditor ;

v      to elect bi-annually five Officers; and

vi     to elect bi-annually not more than eight members to be members of the Executive Committee.







1. 檢視及通過上次周年大會的會議紀錄;

2. 通過主席報告;

3. 通過財務報告;

4. 委任名譽核數師;

5. 每兩年選舉五名職員;及

6. 每兩年選舉不多於八名會員作為執行委員會委員。



Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) shall be responsible for the general management and control of the affairs of the Association; for the acquisition, safe keeping, and disposal of Association Property; and for the control of all funds of the Association.







The EC shall consist of :-

i        five Officers of the Association;

ii       not more than eight members to be elected bi-annually at AGM amongst all categories of members;

iii      a representative appointed by the ICAC ; and

iv      the Immediate Preceding Chairman.




1. 本會 五名職員;

2. 不多於八名每兩年從周年大會中自各界別會員中選出的委員

3. 廉政公署委派的代表;

4. 前任主席。





The Organization Chart










    Patron                           贊助人

Lady Peggy Cater



    Honorary Presidents    名譽會長

Mr Jim Buckle

    Mr Kwok Man Wai, Tony

Mr Wong Sai Chiu, Ryan



    Honorary Advisors      名譽顧問

Mrs Yu Lai Ching Ping, Helen


Mr Lee Chun Sang, Francis



    Legal Advisor    法律顧問 Mr Sham Chung Ping, Alain




    Office Bearers              職員


                              Chairman, two Vice-Chairmen, Treasurer and  Secretary,

                        to be elected bi-annually at AGM






    Executive Committee Members   執行委員會委員

                              not more than 8 members, to be elected bi-annually at AGM




    Ex-officio                      當然委員

                              the Immediate Preceding Chairman

                              a representative appointed by the ICAC





Constitution             本會會章    



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